Freemans Sporting Club
8 Rivington Street , 212-673-3209
The tiled, old-world barbershop—tucked away behind a store stocked with rubber workmanís boots and leather tool kits—has three full-time barbers who are expert with straight-razor shaves and beard trimming (as well as other facial-hair configurations). Plus, it sells products from renowned brands D.R. Harris and Trumperís.

The Art of Shaving
373 Madison Ave., 212-986-2905
Although itís worth a trip here for the signature skin-care products alone, the shave shopís services are not to be missed. Try the straight-blade shave with lavender-scented lather, then, take the time to top it off with a soothing mask afterward.

Neighborhood Barbers
439 E 9th Street, 212-777-0798
With only three chairs, this East Village hole-in-the-wall might leave you waiting outside for one of its $24 cut-and-shave combos, but donít worry: Youíll be in queue alongside fashion insiders like John Bartlett and Narciso Rodriguez. Thankfully, they keep long hours, seven days a week.


Grooming Lounge
1745 L Street NW, 202-466-8900
This full-service, men-only spa offers terrific hot-lather shaves in classic barbershop chairs. They do theirs with a triple-blade razor and a stack of hot towels and finish off with an incredible face massage.

House Cuts
Rayburn House Office Building (basement level), 202-225-2327
Head barber Joe Quattrone has held a straight razor to the necks of former presidents (like George H.W. Bush) former next presidents (Al Gore) and more congressmen than he can count. His no-frills shop certainly doesnít attract Beltway power players with its institutional decor, so itís a safe bet they come for the smooth bladework.


Truefitt & Hill
Forum Shops at Caesars, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd South, 866-714-1115
The staff at the English grooming empire Truefitt & Hill value nothing more than a flawless shave—nine steaming towels, a straight razor, special shaving cream perfected in 1805, and skin-care tips to guarantee you take home more from Vegas than poker winnings.


Gornik & Druckerís
9740 Wilshire Blvd., 310-274-7131
This classic Beverly Hills establishment was immortalized in the opening scenes of the original Oceanís Eleven, and not much has changed about their old-school shaves since the shopís doors opened in 1936. In fact, they still finish off their razor job with a splash of Proraso, a traditional Italian aftershave with a 50-plus year heritage of its own.


Rudyís Barbershop
614 E. Pine Street, 206-329-3008
A classic barber shop with roots in the Seattle music scene, Rudyís flagship in Seattleís Capitol Hill is now joined by six other shops in the city (as well as outposts in Los Angeles and Portland). The barbers here do more than give a great shave. They sell concert tickets and plan to start serving PBR soon.


316 Club
175 West Jackson, 312-880-0316
This barber shop-slash-spa treats visitors to flat-screen entertainment and complimentary drinks along with a relaxing 45-minute shave that includes an after-shave mask to rejuvenate the skin and banish any lingering signs of a long night out.


El Rey
311 West 5th Street, 512-472-5858
The menís club in downtown Austin pampers you with energizing facials along with its signature shaves. Suggested order: Starting with a the 24-step process includes aromatherapy, get the classic straight-razor shave, and have them apply a finishing mask to soothe any skin tenderness.