After a season weathering skin-parching cold and indoor heat, your face needs more than aftershave balm. A deep-cleansing facial will get gunk out of your pores, stimulate circulation, and increase collagen production—all of which will make you look as fresh as if you'd already had a few summer weekends under your belt. "You're going to look really healthy," says Judy Fogarty, head of the Barbershop Lounge in Boston, "almost like after a great workout." While you lie back and put your feet up, an aesthetician will cleanse, massage, steam, and scrub your face. Then she'll extract from your pores the dirt and acne-causing sebum that's been building up all winter. Finally, she'll apply an under-eye cream, moisturizing serum, and hydrating mask. At posher places, you'll likely get a 10-minute neck-and-shoulder rub while the products work their magic—which should help you remember how to relax.
The Time: An hour
The Cost: About $85
The Frequency: Every two months


Contrary to what sophomoric comedies suggest, a full-scale cleanup doesn't usually involve waxing—in fact it shouldn't, unless you want to look like Keith Urban (or deal with ingrown hairs). Instead, have excess body hair trimmed on the areas that are visible when you're in a bathing suit: your back, shoulders, chest, groin, and legs. "The back and the shoulders are the most popular," says Hector Pena, general manager of Nickel Spa for Men in New York. Pena suggests having that hair cut to a quarter of an inch. How long you leave your chest hair, however, depends. If you're toned, go shorter than a quarter of an inch. If you could stand to lose a few pounds, leave a little bit more hair. "Overall, you want to look clean, neat, and not bushy," Pena says. And if your trunks are extra-short, have strays around your underwear line cut to an eighth of an inch (this will involve putting on a pair of paper briefs).
The Time: Half an hour for each body part
The Cost: From $15 for your chest to $110 for your whole body
The Frequency: Every three to four weeks