The Old-School Approach: A foot powder—and ditching stinky sneakers The Upgrade: For starters, use the right soap. An antibacterial product like Dial or Phisoderm works better than your girlfriend's body wash, especially when you focus on the bacteria between your toes. To keep your feet as dry as possible, blast your soles with a hair dryer on the cold setting before you apply powders or put on (breathable) socks.

The Old-School Approach: Head & Shoulders or Selsun Blue
The Upgrade: Because there's no cure for the yeast-fueled snowfall, your only hope is to lighten the accumulation. Natural-medicine practitioners suggest scarfing down garlic and oregano, which have antifungal properties. But most doctors suggest lathering up twice a week with a high-powered shampoo like Nizoral 1%, which kills yeast directly.

The Old-School Approach: An over-the-counter antiperspirant spray or lotion containing aluminum chloride
The Upgrade: If you'd rather not add goop to your swampy hands, invest in the $140 Drionic. According to Dr. Robert Brodell, professor of internal medicine at Northeastern Ohio University, the device sends an electric current into your skin, shriveling your sweat glands for close to 24 hours. More serious options include annual Botox injections and sympathectomy, a controversial surgery that stops the sweating by severing the nerve between your neck and your arms.

The Old-School Approach: A tongue scraper and mouthwash
The Upgrade: Sadly, it's not enough to keep your mouth well-scrubbed—you also have to keep it moist. Dr. Richard Price, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, recommends using a saline nasal spray and sleeping with a humidifier (especially during the dry winter months). And assuming you don't want to bring Listerine to the office, stock up on sugar-free yogurt and black tea—studies find that both fight the sulfuric compounds that create the stank.

Kérastase's In-Salon Dandruff Treatment
If you want a more aggressive fix for those flakes, get yourself to a hair salon and request Kérastase's Peeling Purifiant, which will clear them up for at least a month. Bookended by head massages, the process uses a professionals-only gel rich in zinc and vitamin B. Get a haircut while you're there, and no one will suspect a thing. ($60, kerastase-usa.com)