When designer Simon Spurr cut his long locks, he changed his entire routine. The 36-year-old Brit, who recently teamed with hair-care specialist Kérastase, shares his thoughts on grown-up colognes, the pleasures of the pedicure, and the biggest grooming mistake a man can make.

Get an Age-Appropriate Haircut
A lot of people confuse an English accent with an Australian one, so when I had longer hair, everyone thought I was a surfer dude. I cut it two years ago after I started dressing up more and taking greater care in my appearance. I never wanted to be that old guy with long hair.

Ease Up on the Hair Products
Even when my hair was long, I would just tie it back. Now that it's short, I can pretty much wake up and go. In the shower, I use Kérastase Homme Capital Force Densifying Shampoo and Kérastase Lait Vital Conditioner. Then I dab in a little Sebastian Molding Mud and I'm done.

Splurge on Soap
Your personal scent really starts with soap. My friend got me into Santa Maria Novella. So now, whenever I go to Florence, I buy the pomegranate. I have boxes and boxes of it.

Simplify Your Shave Men are very loyal to a routine when it comes to their shave. My dad always used a dish with a bone-handle brush and a safety razor. With shaving products I'm very low-key. I just use foam and a Mach3. It works for me.

Switch Up Your Scent
For years I wore Sander by Jil Sander for Men, which is lemony. Then a friend gave me Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, and I'm pretty religious with that now. It's more masculine, so the switch felt like graduating from being a young man to being a man.

Pamper Your Nails
I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a manicure or a pedicure. Sometimes I go with my wife, sometimes I go by myself. I actually really like it, but they should put more men's magazines in the salons.

Trim All of Your Facial Hair
Guys forget to trim sideburns, and muttonchops aren't flattering on anyone. Also, as you get older, there's nose and ear hair to keep in check.

Get a Man's Massage
I spend money on massages, but I hate weak ones, like those 10-minute rub-downs offered at airports. I call them the 10-minute tickle.

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Kérastase Homme Capital Force
Kérastase's first men's-hair-care line is formulated to combat what guys fear most: thinning hair. The shampoos and conditioners ($32-$34, kerastase-usa.com) have a classically masculine scent and come in a Spurr-designed Dopp kit.

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