Kenneth Battelle

Era: 1960s-present
Celebrity Clients: Brooke Astor, Katharine Graham, Diana Vreeland
C.V.: Most famous for giving Jackie Kennedy her bouffant and styling her for the presidential inauguration ceremony, Battelle has maintained relevance into the present by recruiting clients from the modern fashion set.
Anecdote: In what some called a "palace revolution," Thomas Morrissey, Battelle's colorist, left to start his own salon in 1986, stealing a number of Battelle's clients—Nancy Kissinger, Pat Buckley, and even Jackie.

Vidal Sassoon

Era: 1960s and 1970s
Celebrity Clients: Mia Farrow, Nancy Kwan, Mary Quant
C.V.: Sassoon became an icon of the Swinging Sixties when he revolutionized women's hairstyles by delivering short, naturally elegant, geometric cuts.
Anecdote: After being turned away from salon jobs early in his career because of his thick, Cockney accent, Sassoon worked with Laurence Olivier's speech coach for three years to affect a sophisticated patois.

Gene Shacove

Era: 1970s
Celebrity Clients: Lucille Ball, Kim Novak, Marlene Dietrich
C.V.: The inspiration for the libidinous protagonist of the movie Shampoo, Gene Shacove was responsible for softer, tousled hairstyles that befitted a newly liberated, openly sexual era in America.
Anecdote: The reception for Shacove's funeral was held at the Playboy Mansion. Buddy Hackett delivered the eulogy, at one point saying, "A year from now…all the grass [on his grave] site will be gone because he will have smoked it."

Christiaan Houtenbos

Era: 1970s-present
Celebrity Clients: Graces Jones, Debbie Harry, Victoria Beckham
C.V.: Channeling the experimental spirit of Warhol's Factory days, Dutchman Christiaan pioneered the buzzed bob and brought a ragged punk edge to hairstyling, once giving the fashion designer Stephen Sprouse a half-buzz, half-flop.
Anecdote: Infamously, Christiaan cut a chunk of hair off the head of a fashion editor—without asking first.

John Sahag

Era: 1990s
Celebrity Clients: Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing, Demi Moore
C.V.: Often referred to as a rock star of the industry, the leather-pants-wearing Sahag employed an idiosyncratic method: He cut hair while it was dry, claiming that it gave him more creative control.
Anecdote: He put himself on the map with Demi Moore's "boy" cut in Ghost, prompting scores of women across the country to imitate the look.

Chris McMillan

Era: 1990s-present
Celebrity Clients: Michelle Williams, Marisa Tomei, Jennifer Aniston
C.V.: The man behind "the Rachel," McMillan has styled Aniston from the beginning of her Friends days and remains one of her closest confidants. He also styled Michelle Williams at the 2011 Oscars, where she sported an increasingly popular pixie cut.
Anecdote: The inspiration behind Aniston's latest haircut, the angled bob? Julie Christie in Shampoo.


Era: 1990s-Present
Celebrity Clients: Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell (pictured above)
C.V.: Oribe was known as a maestro of big hair until cocaine—and the grunge movement—overtook him. He engineered a comeback in the 2000s when he paired up with Jennifer Lopez and has since been styling nearly every Hollywood head under the sun.
Anecdote: At the peak of his popularity, the waiting list for an appointment at Oribe's Elizabeth Arden salon in New York had over a thousand names.

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