The Hairstyle
A looser, less coiffed take on the James Dean do: short on the sides, but higher and more texturized.

How to Get It
Start with bangs between two and four inches long. Have your barber taper the sides and the back of your head (going shortest around the hairline) with scissors, then snip the top so that your hair gets gradually shorter from front to back. Finally, ask him to break it up with a straight razor for that layered look.

How to Style It
Towel-dry your hair, then push it back from your forehead so it stands straight up and blow-dry it to lock in the height. Rub a quarter-size amount of paste between your palms and run it through your hair. For longer locks, use hair spray for all-day hold.


TGR Tempo XXP Blow-Dryer
This French-made machine is the professionals' choice, with four heat settings, 1,800 watts of power, and a top air speed of 75 mph—everything you need to make your hair get vertical.


Magic Move Soft Paste
Beloved by hairstylists, this body-creating pomade from Japan contains natural fibers that give hair a bit of movement rather than rigid hold.


Phyto Workable Holding Spray
The natural resin and collagens in this spray set your hair in place so it doesn't move, without making it crunchy.


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