The Look
A very short cut (about a half to three quarters of an inch) that you can barely run your fingers through, but that shouldn't be mistaken for the quarter-inch buzz of a man in uniform. The trick is to be sure it's just slightly longer on top than on the sides. "If it's the same length all over, your face can look out of balance," says celebrity stylist Diana Schmidtke, who's recently given the cut to several A-list clients.

How to Cut It
This one is easy. "Ask your barber to use a clipper guard of about a two or three on the sides and back of your head and a three or four on top," Schmidtke says.

How to Style It
Rub two fingertips' worth of pomade through your hair to give it texture (don't forget the crown). If you like a little bit of sheen, go for a pomade like Murray's Original or Schmidtke's favorite (see below). For a more matte look, try Davines Wizard No. 2 Mat Moulding Gesso.

The Endorsement: The Stylist's Pomade
Diana Schmidtke prefers Mitch Clean Cut because "It's a true pomade, whereas others can be more like pastes. This one gives your hair higher shine and real definition." ($17;

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