What are these awards?
The Men's Essentials Awards honor the best grooming products in five categories: hair, fragrance, face, body, and shaving.

The awards include editors' picks and readers' choices. Go to details.com/grooming for more information.

How did you decide winners?
Details' editors determined the list of nominees after extensive field testing. The judging criteria included efficacy, innovation, packaging, and scent, among other things. The readers' picks were chosen via an online poll, and the editors' picks were chosen by the staff at Details.

When did the award process take place?
Readers voted at details.com in April and May of 2012. The results were revealed in the June/July issue of Details. Look for our second annual grooming awards in April 2013.

What are the categories?
Best Hair Paste (for longer, looser styles)
Best Hair Wax (for shorter, harder styles)
Best Shampoo
Best Specialty Product (dry shampoo, spray, leave-in treatment)

Best Everyday Scent
Best Sport/Gym Scent
Best Nighttime Scent
Best Small-Label Scent
Hall of Fame

Best Moisturizer
Best Face Wash
Best Scrub
Best Eye Cream

Best Sunscreen
Best Body Wash
Best Hand Cream
Best Deodorant

Best Shave Cream
Best Aftershave
Best Electric Razor
Best Conventional Razor

Who can I contact with questions?
Liz Keen
Director of Communications
4 Times Square, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10036
P. 212.286.8059 | C. 310.903.0677

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