1. Dolce & Gabbana / The One Sport
This refreshing blend of rosemary, cardamom, and musk is sexy yet subtle, suitable for daytime wear whether you work in a suit-and-tie office or a jeans-and-tee environment.
$73; macys.com

2. Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 / Energetic Red
Part of a collection inspired by the brand's iconic polo shirt, it mixes spicy hits of ginger, black pepper, and cardamom with acacia wood and labdanum.
$62; lacoste.com

3. Nautica / Aqua Rush
With its aquatic hints of yuzu, water mint, violet, and coriander, this fragrance will evoke the spirit of open-water adventure—no matter where you are.
$65; macys.com

4. Viktor & Rolf / Spicebomb
The Amsterdam duo's male counterpart to their popular Flowerbomb perfume balances the intensity of cinnamon, leather, and tobacco with the lightness of pink pepper and grapefruit.
$95; nordstrom.com

5. Chanel / Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême
This revved-up version of the original Allure Homme Sport has the same fresh note of Sicilian mandarin orange, plus the warmth of cypress and tonka bean.
$84; chanel.com

6. Thirdman / Eau Moderne
From a just-launched line of unisex citrus-based colognes, this bright, clean scent has a slightly floral twist thanks to its iris notes.
$150; thirdman.net

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THE EXPERT: Carlos Huber
The creator of Arquiste Parfumeur, the scent brand designed to evoke different locales throughout history, explains how to choose, wear, and store your fragrances.

Sample It on Your Skin
"Don't judge a fragrance on a blotter. A piece of paper is lifeless. You have your own chemistry. Put it on your skin and see how you like it. Then ask people you trust what they think."

Target Where You Apply
"Between the neck and the chest is good. The back of your ears and your cheeks are where people embrace you. I like the forearms, too—it's a nice intro when you shake hands."

Store at Cool Temperatures
"Don't put your colognes through extreme changes in temperature, like in the bathroom. I keep mine in the fridge, which preserves them and feels cooling when you spritz."

Don't Be Afraid to Wear a Women's Scent
"The traditionalist approach says that florals are for women and woods are for men, but many fragrances that are woody have floral notes. And many florals actually blend very well with men's chemistry. Really, a man should wear anything that makes him feel assertive and confident."

Fragrances and Clothes Often Don't Mix
"I think it's nice to spray scent on clothes if you want, say, a scarf to smell a certain way, but only if you're sure it won't stain. Certain scents that have a deep ambery color should stay away from fabrics."

Buy in Small Sizes
"Scent needs to be replenished. It will evaporate. It will change. Get 50 ml, not 100 ml, because most scents last about two or three years, and you may not finish it in time."

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