Eight years ago, Matthew Malin, a veteran of Barneys, Saks, and Kiehl's, and Andrew Goetz, a director of marketing at the Swiss design firm Vitra, launched Malin + Goetz. The skin-care and perfume line has since become a runaway success (with two stores in New York and another in Los Angeles), thanks to its combination of natural ingredients and cutting-edge chemistry. Here, the grooming experts share their secrets for always looking your best.

Design Makes a Difference
Matthew Malin: "We wanted to create something that sits and looks beautiful on the shelf all the time, because it's part of your home the same way anything else you display should be beautiful. So the packaging takes the idea of an old chemist's label and tries to interpret it in a modern way."

Skin Is Skin, No Matter Who You Are
Andrew Goetz: "Obviously, we're all individuals, but ultimately we're not all so radically different. The first time we went to Korea, the press was like, 'How is it going to work on Korean skin?' And we just said, 'Our brand is from New York, which is the most ethnically diverse place on the planet. It'll work on Korean skin in Seoul just like it does in New York.'"

A Timeless Piece of Grooming Advice
M.M.: "When I first met Andrew's 90-year-old grandmother, I said, 'Your skin is beautiful. Have you done anything?' And she said, 'I'll tell you my secret. Cold cream, Lubriderm, and I stayed out of the sun.' We're all about that kind of simplicity."

Less Really Is More
A.G.: "We always say that we want to sell you less, because when the products are efficacious, you'll keep coming back. If someone sells you $300 worth of stuff you don't need, guess what? You're never going back."

The One Product You Don't Need
M.M.: "We don't make a toner. They were created because if you used cleansers that were milk- or cream-based, you needed something to get rid of them because they weren't rinsing clean on their own. But if your cleanser washes clean, there's no reason for a toner. It's just creating irritation and something else to buy."

Favorite Things We Make
M.M.: "I'm partial to the facial cleanser because I have my own skin concerns, and we took a lot of care to make sure it would work for someone whose skin was on the drier and more sensitive side and lived in a city like New York. I see the benefit in my own skin from using it on a daily basis."

A.G.: "I always call it the Sophie's Choice question. I would say it's our Vitamin E Face Moisturizer. As someone who grew up a little eeked-out about having something on my face, I have to say it absorbs quickly so I don't even feel it. I also run and cycle, and it doesn't sit on my face and run into my eyes."

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