The Importance of Timeless Style
"I look at guys like Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart, and what they were wearing is what you'd wear now. I just hope in 20 years, when you see a photo of me at a premiere, I'll look good."

The Ultimate Wardrobe Staple
"A nicely fitted two-button suit is the best thing any guy can have. Guys are lucky: We can wear a suit over and over, just with different shirts and ties."

Don't Overpluck!
"I see guys with, like, eyebrow art, and I wanna tell them, 'You don't have to go too crazy on your brows. Take it easy, man!'"

An Uncomplicated Exercise Plan
"When I'm not training for a movie, it's more relaxed. I do a lot of running. Usually I'll run four to six miles about three times a week. You try to eat right but you don't always."

The Fragrance
"I like the iconic nature of the new BOSS Bottled"—Reynolds has been the face of the BOSS Bottled fragrance collection since 2009—"which has been around for a very long time but was recently relaunched. I think a fragrance is more of a signature than even what you wear—something you'll remember more down the road than a shirt."

Pare Down Your Running Shoes (But Only to a Point)
"I run in a pair of New Balances with a thinner sole, but they're nothing like those barefoot shoes that show all five toes. I have a bit of a phobia about those."

Choose Your Tattoos With Care
"My tattoo is of a cannon in Vancouver that I got in a fleeting moment of stupidity maybe 14 years ago. A lot of people have really beautiful tattoos, and I get real tattoo envy. But then other people basically just treat them like bumper stickers for their bodies."

Embrace Getting Older
"I recently saw a picture from when I was just a pup—maybe 20 or 21 years old. And I look pretty bad. I've got some weird facial hair, and my hair is glopped with about six pounds of gel. So I really don't shy away from aging at all. I love getting older."

A Few of Reynolds' Favorite Things

Biggest Indulgence
"It's never been substances. It's motorcycles. They're like motorized crack for me. I have an old BMW, a Triumph, a Ducati—all old rust buckets."

Preferred Vacation Getaway
"I like to go to places that I'm fascinated by. I'm not the kind of guy who's going to South Beach. The last big trip I went on was four years ago, when I rode across Australia on a motorcycle. Next is Bhutan, which I'm really looking forward to."

Desert-Island Essential
"A Confederacy of Dunces. That's a book I've read maybe a thousand times. It takes place in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and it's got these acerbic, corrosively funny characters. Whenever I visit the city, I feel like I'm a part of that world. And then I'd bring some sort of magical safety kit that would get me off this fucking desert island."

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