The Spa at The Out NYC in New York.

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Van Buren Gentlemen's Salon
For Windy City businessmen in a hurry, the Hand Detail is the time-saving treatment du jour: In under seven minutes, manicurists clip and file tips, hydrate cuticles with oil, and buff. During private spa pedicures, feet are rubbed with sea salt, almond oil, and shea butter as you watch TV and sip a Bloody Mary.
$10 for Hand Detail; $36 for Spa Pedicure
235 W. Van Buren St.; 312-753-5363

V Spa at the Hilton Anatole
The spa's hottest new treatment is the Natural Manicure, a vegan experience that includes a ginger-and-algae scrub and a deep massage with Egyptian-geranium lotion. Pedicurists here go the extra mile by using reflexology to relieve sore muscles.
$30 for the Natural Manicure; $50 for the Weary Feet Treatment
2201 N. Stemmons Freeway; 214-761-7800

Spa & Salon Vdara
Step away from the bustle of the Strip for a Man Made Manicure: Nails are soaked and trimmed, and an oil-based sugar scrub is applied to exfoliate and hydrate skin. Hot-towel wraps help the oils sink in, and nails are finished with a three-way buff to impart a subtle, natural sheen.
$40 for Man Made Manicure; $65 for Man Made Pedicure
2600 W. Harmon Ave.; 702-590-2474

Jin Soon
Celebrity manicurist Jin Soon's East Village spa feels as intimate as your living room—there's space for only four clients at a time. Try the shop's signature pedicure: A pro will soak your soles in warm salt water, rub them down with your choice of essential oils like grapefruit, peppermint, or tea-tree, and slough off calluses. Weary hands will be soaked in hot milk and honey before a sugar scrub and massage.
$32 for the Essence of Soul Pedicure; $28 for the Breath of Milk and Honey Manicure
56 E. 4th St.; 212-473-2047

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For cleaned-up brows that don't look overly groomed or sculpted, technicians use a gentle wax featuring azulene, a chamomile derivative, to protect even the most sensitive of faces. Post-wax, a concoction spiked with tea-tree oil and lavender is rubbed in to keep skin hydrated.
$22 for brows
280 Elizabeth St. NE; 404-525-8344

Bliss Spa at W Boston
Aesthetician Emily Payne says keeping up conversation is the key to a successful Boyzilian. "I'll tell them, 'We're halfway done,'" she says of her frequent updates. Payne also swears by hard wax, which is gentler on small, sensitive areas because it clings only to hair and not to skin. There's a brownie bar in Bliss' spa lounge if you need a post-wax reward.
$125 for the Ultimate He-Wax
100 Stuart St.; 617-261-8747

A house tip for men who've signed up to have their chest or back hair removed at this Silver Lake studio: "Exhale on the pull of the waxing strip," says owner Paz Stark. The salon uses high-quality French blue wax enriched with oils to keep skin hydrated and pain to a minimum. Stark recommends exfoliating a few days before and after the treatment to remove dull-skin buildup and prevent itchy ingrown hairs and says keeping regular appointments can help minimize the pain too: "Men should come in every four to six weeks, and not just before a vacation."
$55 to $65 for full-back wax
3335 W. Sunset Blvd.; 323-666-3335

The Spa at The OUT NYC (pictured, above)
"There are certain parts of the body where you can't use wax, but you can use sugar anywhere," says spa director Chris Drummond. The hair-removal paste, which is made of sugar, lemon, and water, is applied like a wax but has less of a sting upon removal. Flaunt your smooth skin at the complimentary fitness center, hot tubs, steam room, or sauna afterward.
$50 and up for a back sugaring; other body-part pricing upon request
510 W. 42nd St.; 212-947-2999

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Jeffrey Boston
Photographer and stylist Jeffrey Dauksevich's stark-white studio is packed with an eclectic mix of art and rare design books, all of which he says inspire his cuts. Expect a once-over before he takes his shears to your head: "I consider the entire person and carefully edit how the hair fits in to the total scheme." Clients love his signature two-phase cuts: After shaping the general outline or pattern, he'll rough-dry hair and freestyle the rest to add texture and definition. And with cuts that are so precise and wearable, there's not much need for product. "I'm not a fan of the three-to-four-product daily regime," he says. "That's bullshit."
$450 for a cut
75 Newbury St.; 617-247-0770