Takamichi Hair in New York City.

Tommy Guns
With its 1920s vibe, this Williamsburg space is a popular film location for HBO's Boardwalk Empire, and many of the styles it specializes in reflect that era. One of the most requested: a cut that's longer on top and short on the sides with a clean part—a look that's versatile and flatters both straight and wavy hair, says owner Russell Manley.
$75 for a cut
85 N. 3rd St.; 718-388-8288
; tommygunsny.com

New California Barbershop
This newcomer is quickly being embraced by Echo Park and Silver Lake locals who prefer a cut that's a little less structured. Gaze out over an impressive mural of white wind turbines set against the San Jacinto Mountains while getting what owner Brian Girgus refers to as "the no-haircut haircut"—a high-and-tight fade with some length on top, ideal for guys with longer hair who like a looser, beachy look.
$35 for a cut
2203 W. Sunset Blvd.; 213-568-3667
; thenewcaliforniabarbershop.com

Takamichi Hair (pictured, above)
Stylist Takamichi Saeki has cultivated a fanatical following for the elegant grow-out and styling versatility of his men's cuts. "I examine each guy's hair texture and head shape before cutting," he says. "My cuts look good for weeks, and they're very low-maintenance." His sun-filled studio is constantly buzzing with clients ranging from A-listers to musicians to bankers—so book early.
$150 for a cut with Takamichi
263 Bowery; 212-420-7979; takamichihair.com

• • •


Howard Liu, M.D.
To treat sun spots—the brown or beige facial flecks that accompany California's seductive UV rays—men see Dr. Liu for 30 minutes of Intense Pulsed Light. After applying a numbing cream, he uses a handpiece that delivers a series of short energy pulses to remove unwanted pigment, often in just one or two sessions. What makes Liu the go-to guy for IPL is customization: "I frequently use more than one setting during a treatment session and adjust the number and degree of overlapping pulses to maximize results," he says.
$500 to $1,000 per session
200 N. Robertson Blvd.; 310-385-3575
; drhowardliu.com

Alicia Barba, M.D.
"We have to know where to leave the wrinkles," says Dr. Barba, a Botox and fillers specialist whose natural-looking treatments have gained her a devoted following of guys in their thirties and forties looking to preserve their youth. Her signature treatment is a two-way attack on stubborn creases between the brows: First she injects Botox to relax the muscle and soften the crease, then she fills the area with a gel to plump up the skin. Because a numbing cream is used, the treatment is painless and swift, she says. Guys should come in every four to five months for Botox maintenance and about once a year for fillers.
$300 and up for Botox in between eyebrows; $550 and up for fillers
4770 Biscayne Blvd.; 305-573-7200
; barbadermatology.com

Michael Gold, M.D.
Guys with receding hairlines or bald spots flock to Dr. Gold, whose advanced hair-transplant procedure—called follicular unit extraction—is one of the most promising for thinning locks. The process is entirely mechanical and done with a device that transfers hairs from the back of the scalp to sparse areas. (The grafted hairs stay in place for about one to three weeks, then shed, and new growth appears in three to four months.)
$8.50 per graft (the average client requires about 1,000)
2000 Richard Jones Rd.; 615-383-2400
; goldskincare.com

Robert Anolik, M.D.
Dedicated fitness buffs who still can't beat the bulge turn to Dr. Anolik for CoolSculpting, a new noninvasive procedure that eliminates fat cells by freezing them. You sit for an hour while a vacuumlike device pulls in pockets of fat on the back of the abdomen. Anolik says there's minimal downtime or discomfort, but it takes a while for the body to flush out the fat cells. Within one to four months, you should notice a sleeker silhouette.
$500 to $1,500, depending on the body area being treated
323 E. 34th St.; 212-686-7306
; robertanolikmd.com

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Spa Space
The spa's popular Indian Head Massage relieves upper-body stress by targeting the scalp, head, neck, and shoulders. "Clients are typically relaxed to the point where driving immediately can be tricky and report a night of unusually deep sleep," says owner Natalie Tessler. Devotees say the treatment can alleviate stress-related issues like chronic pain and insomnia.
$95 for 60 minutes
161 N. Canal St.; 312-466-9585
; spaspace.com