Call her the skin whisperer. New York–based aesthetician Dangene, 55 (who, like some of her celebrity clients, prefers the single moniker), is the skin-care guru to A-listers like Usher and Heidi Klum, along with other power players who invest as much time (and money) in their dermis as they do in their pecs and delts. "Men care about their hands, their bodies; it wasn't that way in the past, but it is now," says Dangene, whose hefty price tag—a customized program can run up to $36,000 a year—is as eyebrow-raising as her promise. "I can take skin back 10 years and keep it there," she says.

The method works like this: For a $500 initial visit, Dangene or one of her protégés will do a full-body examination. "When you come in, you're asking us to pick you apart. We're going to micromanage you to death," she says—a nod to the weekly, and often daily, check-ins clients commit to. Every bump, brown spot, vein, scar, stretch mark, and wrinkle is addressed before the baseline buffing begins: The legs, arms, and face receive microdermabrasion with a diamond-tipped wand, blackheads are extracted, hyperbaric oxygen therapy pumps up collagen, and vitamin masks are applied to hydrate skin. A battery of heavy machinery may follow, including ultrasound treatments to tighten and smooth, a series of lasers to wipe away the signs of aging, and a rainbow of LED lights that stimulate collagen production. Botox, fillers, and even permanent makeup are offered for fine-tuning (if you're in the market for perfectly symmetrical nipples or eyebrows).

To Dangene and her disciples, opting for flawlessness is as simple as deciding to not be fat, despite the body you inherited. "I believe in choices," she says. "You just need to start young and be focused." A tolerance for pain is also a plus—because zapping off imperfections with a laser hurts a hell of a lot more than sweating away calories.

• • •

Your At-Home Skin Regimen
Perform this Dangene-endorsed routine to keep your complexion clear and youthful.

Use Daily At Any Age:
• Gentle cleanser with no parabens or dyes
• Eye cream with green-tea compound to stimulate collagen production
• Serum with antioxidants to brighten the complexion and remove age spots
• Moisturizer with cactus pectin to hydrate and firm skin

In Your Thirties:
• Start using a glycolic exfoliator every single day.

In Your Forties:
• Apply an antiaging product like Retin-A once a week.