Chances are you've already seen Craig DiFrancia's hands on TV or in a magazine—swiping an iPad or pressing the ignition on a Jaguar. As one of the most sought-after hand models around, DiFrancia knows a thing or two about combating chapped paws that result when the dry winter air strips the skin of its natural oils. Below, how a pro keeps his money-makers in pristine shape.

"When most people think of hand modeling, they think of that episode of Seinfeld with George and the oven mitts. It's great—I'm the living Costanza! But seriously, my hands have to be a 10 every day, and since I do get bad cracked skin in the winter, I started experimenting four years ago with different preventative methods to keep my hands from drying out.

"About once or twice a week, I do this routine with Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($18; The trick is to take a quarter-size dollop and really massage it in. Then I put on a pair of simple cotton gloves—the kind you can get at the drugstore—but you can also use tube socks if you want to go really old-school. The longer you leave them on, the better, so I try to sleep with them on, which gets annoying. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and they're all over the place—but it's just part of the lifestyle.

"It's really expensive, but I love La Mer the Hand Treatment ($75; because it's intense but not greasy. I got a sample of it a few years ago at Nordstrom and I've been hooked ever since. I make it part of my morning ritual and slather it on as soon as I get out of the shower. I actually carry it with me, so I can reapply it at least two times a day.

"Oh, and I never leave home without Orly Cuticle Oil+ ($10; It's great for nail beds, and I bring it with me when I get manicures, which are like a religion for me. I go once every few weeks in the winter, when I feel my hands need some attention, and sometimes I ask for a paraffin-wax treatment to lock in moisture. I'm lucky because my fiancée is a manicurist, so I've got an in."

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What The Editors Are Using

"I'm not a big fan of putting lotion on my hands. I always end up feeling like I dipped them in Vaseline or something. But I've definitely been using the Luxurious Hand Balm by Diptyqe [$38;]. It smells really fresh, and even though it's thick—it's made with shea butter—it's not at all greasy. Plus, I love how the white container goes with what's happening on my desk."
—Justin Berkowitz, Details market editor