Save the Scrubbing for Bedtime
Cleanse excessively and you'll strip away natural oils, sending sebum production into overdrive. "Unless you're a pro athlete who's sweating all day, your face does a great job regulating its oil production already," says dermatologist David Colbert. "Too much washing dries skin and makes wrinkles look deeper." Instead, start your day with a splash of warm (not hot) water and save the cleansers for the evening. If you're a creature of habit and going cold turkey in the A.M. isn't an option, use something gentle like Dr. Hauschka's Cleansing Cream—the combination of sweet almond and chamomile won't leave your face feeling dry.

Lube Up, the Right Way
A good moisturizer keeps water in the outermost layer of the skin by acting like a barrier. Problem is, many products are filled with oils, parabens, and petroleum that, when overapplied, can actually stop your skin from producing its own protective layer. Instead, try an oil-free, all-natural moisturizer. Use it anytime you wash, exfoliate, or shave—applications beyond that won't hurt anything, except perhaps your wallet.

Spare Your Hair
Guys who use a fair amount of pomade or gel, sweat a lot, or have fine hair should lather up daily. But avoid shampoos that list synthetic ingredients like isopropyl alcohol and sulfates: They damage the scalp and follicles that promote healthy growth. If you have thicker strands and can pull off bed head, you can skip washing your hair for a day or two. For a refresher, try a dry shampoo like Alder's on your roots to absorb any excess oil.

• • •

Picks for the Addicts
Certain grooming products don't require moderation. Feel free to binge on . . .

Fellow Barber's Aftershave Tonic
This subtly scented astringent is based on supercharged (and super-"now") witch hazel. Splash it on when you finish shaving and you'll feel clean and crisp without the burn of old-school, alcohol-based tonics. $20;

Eve Lom's Muslins
A coarse cloth soaked in warm water has the same effect as a morning wash—opening pores and lifting and softening whiskers pre-shave—without the scouring. Eve Lom's last forever and are a cult favorite with ladies in the know. $22;

Apivita's Shampoo for Frequent Use
Free of colorants, glycol, parabens, silicones, sulfates, and fragrance, this is one bottle you can reach for daily without a second thought. $20;

Plant's ØÅ
Face Oil

Plant-based oils like sea buckthorn and pomegranate pack a serious hydrating and antiaging punch. And since natural oils most closely resemble the sebum we produce on our own, they absorb quickly and help keep pores open. $40;