Phillip Lim
The Fashion Designer

Creative director of an eponymous line of fashion-forward menswear; he's made custom clothes for Kanye and put A$AP Rocky and Swizz Beatz in his leather jackets.

The morning routine: Since Lim's always traveling, he keeps it quick (15 minutes) and easy to replicate: "Every day, I shave with this old-school Wahl electric razor. I take it everywhere, because it gives the closest shave—you don't feel any tugging or scratching, and it lasts forever. In the shower, I use Como Shambhala's Invigorate shampoo. It smells like peppermint and ginger, which is a nice pick-me-up. I finish off with their conditioner, but I don't wash it out—I don't have time to sit in the shower."

The signature scent: "I always put on Terre d'Hermès—I've been wearing it since it came out. It's important to have a signature scent, so people remember you not just by sight, but also smell. Style's not just a visual aesthetic."

The pregame ritual: Before big events, Lim says, "I like sipping tequila. It makes my skin feel flush. Maybe it's a mental thing, too." Then he follows up with gum, especially before being photographed. "There are so many muscles in your face, and chewing gets the blood circulating," he says. "And, of course, it's good for your breath."

The weekly upkeep: "I used to think I could cut my own hair. What a mistake. There's something to be said for knowing your skill sets. Now I get my hair cut every five days—I must get, like, 80 haircuts a year. I have this brilliant hairstylist—Mark Bustos, at Three Squares Studio. He does the most wicked fades. People don't realize: If you keep hair short, there's a lot of maintenance. You can't hide anything, because there's nowhere to go but grown-out."

The must-have product: With a career that keeps him moving nonstop, Lim tries to find some Zen. "Sodashi's rosewater face mist is amazing," he says. "It's like drinking water for your skin. I use it throughout the day. When you're going at a frantic pace, it puts you at ease. I like things that make you stop and take a moment."

• • •

On the streets of Chelsea, Bryant sports just the right amount of scruff.

Garrett Bryant
The Stylist

A much-sought-after hair-care expert at the De Berardinis Salon in New York City; his cutting-edge looks have appeared on the runway for designers like Calvin Klein, Rodarte, Thakoon, and G-Star.

The less-is-more philosophy: "I use face cleanser and a scrub, and I shave, maybe once a week. The rest of the time, I just wash with water." His one daily must-have: Kengo Feather by Shu Uemura, which he applies to his hair when it's wet, slicking it back and letting it air-dry.

The big night out: For special evenings, the key is to look like you're not trying too hard: "I'll shave two days before, for that perfect five-o'clock shadow. I won't shampoo that day, either—I prefer a nice second-day look."

The old standby: "I have one fragrance that's my staple; it's kind of old-school—Calvin Klein's Obsession." He found a bottle at a friend's place and splashed it on as a joke, sort of, but he got so many compliments, it became his go-to scent. For a change, he uses Odin No. 4: "It's kind of floral, which you don't find a lot in men's colognes, but still masculine."

The obsession: Malin + Goetz lip moisturizer, which is rich in fatty acids, not drying waxes. "I have three tubes right now. What happens is, if I leave it at home, I can't go without. I run to the store and immediately get another. It's the one thing I can't compromise on."

• • •

Bouchardy in his Brooklyn studio.

Frederick Bouchardy
The Perfumer

Founder of Joya, a bespoke-fragrance design studio and workshop in Brooklyn, where he takes an artistic approach to creating one-of-a-kind perfumes, candles, soaps, and incense for a range of clients, including boutiques (Opening Ceremony, Bird) and hotels (New York City's Dream Downtown).

The de-poof-ifier: "It's the one product I really use, and I can't even pronounce the brand," Bouchardy says. "It's called Shan Rahimkhan"—named for a German hairstylist (pronounced SHAHN RAH-heem-kahn)—makers of Style & Care Go Smooth hair cream. "It makes your hair less poofy and more like the day after shampooing. I don't want my hair to look like something it isn't."

The work-life balance: Because he tinkers with fragrances most days, Bouchardy opts for non- or lightly scented products at home, like Baxter of California deodorant. For a night out, he likes to apply an aftershave (Roger & Gallet) and a face lotion, which "makes you look sharp. Not shiny or American Psycho, just . . . sharp."

The power of powder: After drying off post-shower, he pats down with talcum powder, something he learned from his days playing squash in high school and college: "When it's hot, put it where you sweat." He likes Borotalco, from the Italian brand Manetti & Roberts. "In summer, it's light and drying, and it smells like grass or violets."