The hype behind Pinterest—a social-media platform that basically lets you "pin" images found on any website to your own virtual boards and share those pictures—has been intense but not very helpful. Yes, this is indeed the next big thing, after Tumblr, Spotify, and Instagram. Critics note that Pinterest has attracted more of a female following, but we see tons of guys pinning their favorite clothes, cars, gadgets, foods, interiors, and, let's be honest, sexy pics. Anyone who still thinks Pinterest is too girly can always experiment with new sites like or, but it's not clear how these sites are better than Pinterest itself. So the question remains: Whose pinnings are worth a damn? Below, we've rounded up the most inspiring pins and boards from designers, clothing stores, and assorted tastemakers.

Someone behind the boards at this stylish eyeglasses company has a killer eye. We especially like the images of "Where Books Live" (bookshelves), globes and maps, typography collections, and girl bloggers in glasses.

12 boards, 787 pins

For those who like to create wildly inspirational vacation-porn boards, the Travel Channel's wide-ranging photos of exotic, luxurious, and fun spots should get the creative juices flowing. The "daily escapes" board has 15,000 followers and serves up wanderlust-inducing vistas of places like the terraces of Machu Picchu and snowy cottages in the Boreal Forest in Canada.

26 boards, 544 pins

Meet the super-user. Along with Everymen early adopters like Drew Hawkins (114,729 followers, 794 pins) and Steven McGaughey (241,468 followers, 2,080 pins), Chad Syme has become a bona fide Pinterest powerhouse: The Seattle-based designer and photographer has over 6,800 pins and about 260,000 followers. More important, he has killer taste, as demonstrated by pins of Parker-Knoll chairs and mid-century kitchens on his "Atomic Age" board, 1949 Mercury Coupes and badass Triumphs on his "Vehicles" board, and decisively classy Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren illustrations in "Pinups."

36 boards, 7,028 pins

Visit the Pinterest account of Behance, a company dedicated to showcasing and discovering work by creative professionals, and you'll see a board dedicated to illustrations (of Elton John, Yoko Ono, and others), visually engaging candy (like Michael Jordan as a lollipop), and the aptly titled "Art That Made Us Look Twice" (the pencil-head sculpture is incredible, if it's real).

21 boards, 183 pins

No surprise here: One of the most recipe-rich websites on the whole Internet has an equally dense Pinterest presence. If you're in the mood for open-ended browsing, you can troll its meal-, occasion-, or season-centric boards, deciding between cumin-roasted cauliflower and roasted squash with mint, or, if you know your target, you can go straight for the ingredients. Salmon, steak, pasta, potatoes, and, yes, bacon each earn a dedicated board. Need a drink? They've got 40 pins for that too.

53 boards, 2,488 pins

The folks behind the British luxury brand, renowned for its outerwear, are savvy enough to play up London the city as much as London style. Here, you can catch sunsets and architectural marvels (via the Instagram lens—a smart application of filters on the photos), as well as historical figures like Humphrey Bogart decked out in Burberry. To catch up on more modern style, visit their "Burberry Prorsum Menswear" board, which shows off their latest suits and coats. The coolest thing? YouTube embeds in the "Burberry Acoustic" board proffer playable songs, another nifty twist on Pinterest.

14 boards, 481 pins

The iconic store showcases boards like "It's a Man's World," an obvious choice for menswear finds from the likes of Gucci and Prada, as well as "The Books on our Shelves," which boasts classics that range from Breakfasts at Tiffanys to Alexander McQueen by Andrew Bolton. Whoever curates this experience knows how to balance current trends with timeless favorites.

41 boards, 1,210 pins

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