Favorite Places
Gildas Loaëc: "Japan! When we were starting the brand, Tokyo had the lifestyle stores where you could find coffee and furniture and clothing and music all together. That inspired us."
Masaya Kuroki: "I like New York City. The buildings, the colors, uptown and downtown. People just have their own identity."

Movie Costumes
Kuroki: "I look to Love Story or The Great Gatsby—the Robert Redford version—or old Woody Allen. When you watch films about the American East Coast, there's a certain dress code. We almost say Maison Kitsuné is kind of French Ivy because we like that clean-cut, sharply dressed style."
Loaëc: "When I watch movies, it's not just the story or the cast I look for, but the styling and clothes, too. Wes Anderson really pays attention to those details."

Great Restaurants
Loaëc: "What is exciting about Paris is these new chefs who don't care about the Michelin system. Le Vivant is a typical example: You can listen to the Smiths while you're eating, and there's a beautiful mosaic in a nice environment."
Kuroki: "It used to be a bird shop, so that's why there are all these birds on the walls, and I like that it has Italian food using all-organic ingredients. The chef calls it new cuisine with Italian flavor, and it's delicious."

Style Icons
Kuroki: "Steve McQueen could just wear a white T-shirt and great jeans. If someone has style, he'll look good even in basics just because of the way he wears it."
Loaëc: "It's difficult to name one person. I like to pick up bits and bobs from different people on the streets all over—New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo."

Shops With Personality
Kuroki: "I like this antiques store in New York called Olde Good Things. The people working there are unbelievable. They're all over 60 years old and so knowledgeable. They talk to you like, 'Oh, son, listen to me.'"
Loaëc: "Okura, which is in Daikanyama in Tokyo. They sell lots of things, but they're famous for clothes in this one indigo dye, and they also have lots of Japanese flags on their clothes. It's fun to see the owner and members of the staff wearing it all—I think they love Japan a lot!"

The Entire Musical Spectrum
Loaëc: "We have two bands on the label—Two Door Cinema Club and this new band from London called Citizens!—with albums coming out this fall that I'm excited about, but I like everything from club to electronic to mainstream to stuff like M.I.A. or Hot Chip or Metronomy."
Kuroki: "Every day I have different feelings. Some days I want to listen to London club music or hip-hop or Gossip. I wouldn't say there's an artist I'm mad about—I grew up with MTV and the nineties, so I'm open to all music."

The Kitsuné Playlist
The duo's favorite tracks by artists on their label, plus a couple more they love.

"Sun" by Two Door Cinema Club
Loaëc: "This is a forthcoming single I'm really excited about because the band has grown up, but the introspection is still there as well as the fun."

"Retrograde" by Heartsrevolution
Kuroki: "Heartsrevolution were in hibernation for a while. With their new song 'Retrograde,' they are certainly waking us up."

"True Romance" by Citizens!
Loaëc: "We produced the album with Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand. The result? Only great songs—like this first single!"

"Chateau" by Housse de Racket
Kuroki: "We can't forget our French touch here and there. 'Chateau' is very chic, very French, and very Kitsuné."

"I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)" by Lykke Li
Loaëc: "The Magician is a Belgian producer we signed on Kitsuné. His remix of Lykke Li is the song of the summer."

"Pepito Bleu" by Sebastien Tellier
Kuroki: "One hypnotic disco loop and you have an entire song. It may seem like an unfinished track, but this is on par for Sebastien and the French love him."

"Night and Day" by Hot Chip
Loaëc: "Night or day, it's always a good time to listen to Hot Chip."

Listen to the five available tracks:

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