1. Shoes are very important. You'll see guys who put on a great-looking suit and have these awful black, chunky, square-toed shoes on. They look like they cost $59. It totally ruins the look.

2. Men are definitely influenced by what they see on TV. Remember the stupid Bill Cosby sweater? People thought, If it's okay for Bill Cosby to wear it, then so can I. I mean, God, I got that Cosby sweater. And it was, like, $400.

3. Leather pants are not easy for a guy to wear. Suede is better because it's not shiny. I was in Vegas the other day, and I saw all these guys wearing leather pants with a black baggy T-shirt, the belt with the silver things, and the pants up to here. You know, there's just nothing sexy about that at all.

4. You should try on a bunch of different jeans. You should look in the mirror and figure out which pair makes your ass and package look the best.

5. If you're balding and feel like you should use Rogaine or you want to get hair transplants, go for it. But never do the weave, man.

6. I hate when I see guys who have a uniform. If I see one more guy wearing a striped blazer with jeans and a hoodie.... It's the same thing in Italy. You go over there and every guy is wearing the exact same pair of pants and shoes. Mix it up. Wear a vest with a rumpled button-down underneath.

7. Take care of your skin. You don't want to look like the graying, bald, puffy guy. You go to the gym. You care about the clothes you wear. You should care about your face as well.

8. A great wool seersucker or worsted linen is just as important as the cut. It's like your fingerprint, separating you from everyone else.

9. The bag you carry completely depends on where you live. In L.A. guys don't carry bags because they drive everywhere. In New York people walk, so they need to carry everything with them. I have this black, hobo-looking thing with a shoulder strap. But if you're going to a board meeting, don't bring a shoulder bag or a briefcase. You don't need that much stuff. Carry an attaché.

10. Pay attention to detail. There's no difference between noticing a gorgeous door hinge or the lines of a couch and clothes.

11. There are not a lot of people who are unique dressers. Nicole Kidman certainly is. I used to say it about Brad Pitt, before he started being dressed by stylists.