1. When I was young I used to customize my jeans—with embroidery and needlepoint. I donít know what men should do to relieve stress, but I find that reading, watching DVDs, and doing needlepoint almost always calms me down.

2. It seems that men are more like women now—ďAww, I donít want a wool sweater, itís itchy!Ē I love coarse fabrics. In fact, Iím a big fan of old Shetland sweaters. Anything with a hole or two in it, I feel that itís worn and loved.

3. I find ďworking a lookĒ a bit silly for grown men. Iím 41 years old. Iím not saying you canít have fun, but at my age I donít want to look like one of those guys who dress in costume. I want trousers that feel comfortable. I want a V-neck sweater or a crewneck. I want a shirt thatís not too big or too small.

4. There is something sleazily sexy about men wearing too much cologne—but it depends who, it depends what. Everything is related to context.

5. I donít have a burning curiosity to see straight men made over by homosexuals. I heard somebody say they were cuter when they left them alone, and I think that would probably be my attitude.

6. I had long hair for most of my life. Lately Iíve been cutting it, because I have this fear of starting to bald and having very little hair on the ponytail. But Iím not into big, muscular guys with really long hair, like the cover of romance novels. Thatís never turned me on.

7. I see guys who look in a suit the way I feel in a T-shirt. I just had a bespoke dinner suit made at Huntsman on Savile Row, the first one Iíve ever had made. I just feel I donít look good in a suit. Iíve always been self-conscious of my height, so if I put a suit on I feel like Iím standing in a hole.

8. While I was at Parsons School of Design I really loved to get dressed up. I remember buying this Gaultier skirt for men. I tried it on in the shop and thought, ďThis is so fabulous, Iím going to look amazing, I canít believe I have this Gaultier skirt.Ē I donít think the price tag ever came off of it.

9. Try to respect the dress code. To black-tie events Iíve always worn just a black V-neck sweater with a white shirt, a black tie, black trousers, and white Stan Smiths. Iím not trying to be different—itís just how I feel comfortable. I donít like when people adamantly go against the grain to make a statement.

10. My list of stylish men—there are so many. I think Jarvis Cocker [the lead singer of Pulp] has amazing style, and the artist John Currin. Ed Norton is great-looking; so is Tobey Maguire. Josh Hartnett. Jack White is fantastic. Keith Richards is one of the most stylish men ever. I had dinner at Il Cantinori the other night and I met Clint Eastwood—one of the most amazing-looking men. I was so impressed.