1. The following are not sexy: trying too hard, men in tight clothes, any kind of visible chest hair, excessive jewelry, and plumber’s crack. And vanity—there is nothing, from a female point of view, worse than a guy who overthinks what he’s wearing.

2. If you have no style whatsoever, just make sure you get a good suit. You can hide a lot in a really perfect suit.

3. When you walk into Prada and you see those colored shirts and ties and crazy things that they always push the envelope with, I admire it, but I think that type of fashion is hard to wear. There’s nothing wrong with a little thrift.

4. Never underestimate the T-shirt. It is probably the sexiest item of clothing a guy can wear. That and a kilt.

5. Avoid the cult of $700 jeans. The whole thing is amazing. Even more amazing? The fact that you’re not supposed to wash these $700 jeans ever.

6. PJ Harvey is not technically the most gorgeous girl in the world, but if you see her on stage or you hear her music, the woman is a goddess. If a guy’s not good-looking, he needs to be smart and funny. Stop trying to fix it with a haircut and read a good book.

7. The lines between L.A. style and New York are blurring, but right now men in New York “dress” more. The guys who wear suits in L.A. get in their cars, and by the time you see them, they’re at the beach and dressed down. It seems like the farther away you go, the more adventurous men get. You get over to London and it’s like nobody is afraid of anything. Their fashion is incredible.

8. You have to love the look of Woody Allen and Peter Sellers. The best-looking actor out there—the guy who blows Brad Pitt away—is Jason Schwartzman. He is just the cutest kid ever.

9. If you want to influence fashion, it certainly helps to be skinny. You can get away with so much more.