1. Too much good taste is boring. It feels static and staid. If you really want to be sexy, take a familiar idea and imagine it a new way—in a new color or shape, with a new attitude.

2. How many times have you seen a ho-hum guy with the hottest woman in the universe? Those guys all have one thing in common—and it's not always money. It's confidence. I wish I had known that when I was 20.

3. I love a good voice. You can have a gorgeous girl and if her voice is off, it kills the whole package. Demi Moore sounds like a man. Jennifer Aniston sounds like a frat girl. But Julianne Moore—now, there's a good voice.

4. It's important to learn that you've got what you've got. I accept my limitations. I wish I had a better chin. I wish my hairline wasn't receding. But what am I going to do about it? I just don't give a shit. If I did, it would come out in my personality. French women embrace their lesser parts. If they have a big nose, they accentuate it. If they have really round cheeks, they play them up. And it works.

5. You can wear baggy jeans when you feel fat, but that's only half the battle. It might satisfy the intellectual part of your woes, but it doesn't do anything for your physical problems.

6. I don't think you should worry too much about what you look like naked. Once you're naked, you've kind of closed the deal, right? Worry about the outside, because that's where the decision is made.

7. Being well kept is totally underrated. Having your fingernails and toenails trimmed, a decent haircut. All of those things are easy to do, but from what I can tell, guys don't do it.

8. I'm around tons and tons of models all the time—it's sort of an occupational hazard—and it just makes me think that being smart really matters.

9. Sexy clothing is often not sexy. Anything that overt tends to come off a little trashy. I mean, when you're 17 that can work, because it's sort of funny. Any older than that and it gets a little scary. Like those girls wearing the Juicy sweatpants with JUICY on the ass. By the way, why is it always the girl who shouldn't be wearing that? With their underwear showing above and their gut hanging out. It's nasty.

10. There is a difference between appropriateness and style. If you are a banker and you go to Gucci and buy a velvet suit, well, now, where are you going to wear that? You need to be realistic. No matter what you have to wear every day, there are good versions and bad versions. Good suits and bad ones. Good jeans and bad jeans. Just make the right choice.