1. A great jacket should have details in the construction. My grandfather was a tailor. He taught me that you should be able to turn it inside out, take out the lining, and still come out with something beautiful.

2. Donít underestimate color. Most men think about making their pocket square match their tie. Go further than that—think about making the face of your watch match the laces on your shoes.

3. Thereís a time and a place for tracksuits. If Iím traveling, Iíll wear one in first class. But you wonít see me trying to get into a club in that shit. Unless youíre in Sardinia, then you can wear it anywhere. The concept of tracksuits as casual and urban is a purely American perspective. We think of all of that stuff as ďurban.Ē

4. The second you are able to afford them, put a great pair of shoes in your closet. Thereís nothing like having a pair of Ferragamo shoes. Makes you feel like a man.

5. Itís important not to fear seersucker, but donít try to re-create Alan Flusserís Dressing the Man, either. The key is to take the seriousness out of clothes. Respect history, but not in a way thatís corny.

6. Thereís something suspicious about walking into a meeting with a room full of men whose eyebrows are neater than my wifeís. I pluck my eyebrows, but Iím not about to let some stranger put wax across my face.

7. I use my wifeís products. She gets this cocoa-butter lotion that Iíve been using since we met in college. You go to the real Latino pharmacies on Tonnelle Avenue in Jersey City and thereís this baby cologne called Powder Me Baby. Itís two dollars for a gallon bottle. That scent mixed with cocoa butter is the best smell. It reminds me of her; and thereís something very comforting about that when I travel.

8. A baseball hat is a wonderful thing, but only when you wear it right. Buy one slightly larger than the actual measurement of your head. And whatever you do, donít curve the brim. Run it flat. It creates a line across your face that puts a nice shadow over your brow.

9. When I first started making money, I bought all of this modern furniture for my crib. It looks beautiful from a sculptural point of view, but then you realize, itís not fucking comfortable.