1. Men have to be careful about what they wear. Women have more elements to work with. Even an unattractive woman can turn heads if sheís put together well and she knows how to match her bag.

2. If you arenít naturally handsome, focus on your abs. Iím serious. If youíre in great shape, youíll automatically like what you see in the mirror.

3. I just gave in to tattoos. I got my initials on my hands in Gothic characters. I designed them myself and had them put on my middle and ring fingers. They are ultra-visible, which is exactly what I wanted.

4. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. It spans from the innocent sexiness of an 18-year-old to the studied sex appeal of a 40-year-old. The possibilities are endless—as long as itís not forced.

5. The design and curve of a car is what makes it sexy. I am particularly fond of my limited-edition Porsche Speedster from the eighties. But whatever the car, it has to be rigorously black.

6 I donít think men should pay more than $2,500 for a suit. Women probably shouldnít exceed that price either. However, there are fewer limits on the other end of the spectrum. No amount is too little to pay for clothing. Donít underestimate the value of vintage clothing.

7 Be wary of skintight clothes. I find a woman with a crewneck sexier than one with a plunging neckline. Bare skin is incredibly sexy, but only if itís not overexposed. I believe in either-or, as in an arm or a belly, legs or décolletage. But never all at once. A man should never show his belly. Period.

8. I think this whole ďsexier than thouĒ frenzy is incredibly vulgar and unsexy. I really canít stand it. In fact, Iíve gone so far as to forbid the people I work with to wear low-rise pants. If I can see your cheeks when you bend down, you canít wear them around me.

9. I find modern homes cold. I think the more history a place exudes, the more warmth, the sexier it is. I have filled my home with bits and pieces that I picked up on my travels around the world. Imagine an 18th-century Tibetan table, mammoth tusks, French carpets, and industrial-design pieces, all mixed together. I know itís my own, but I would call that a sexy home.

10. You donít have to be skinny to be sexy, but it helps.