1. Men in positions of power are rarely good-looking. I think if you arenít handsome, you feel like you have something to prove. Especially if you happen to be small. Personally, I donít like attractive men. They take their looks far too seriously—much more so than good-looking women.

2. Clothing should be like a frame. All designers have limitations in this sense. If you donít have the body to wear something, I canít give it to you. But if you do have it, I can make that body look as good as it possibly can.

3. Men should not be afraid to wear silk. I love it, especially when itís raw and natural. I donít like cotton and never wear it. All my shirts are the same—I wear a black silk shirt every day. It feels amazing against the skin.

4. Physical attraction has its limitations. At some point it wears off, so men must educate themselves about art and music and food. That is what remains. As long as you breathe art at every moment, you understand the world.

5. Marriage is not what it used to be. When we say weíre going to marry someone now, we donít necessarily mean that weíre going to be with that person for the rest of our lives. And Iím not sure thatís a bad thing. If you spend your happiest moments with someone, but not necessarily the rest of your life, is that so horrible?

6. Sexy is about details and small differences. Sexy is the one dress that can show you enough but not too much. The line between beautiful and vulgar is very thin, and often more about personality than clothing. You can take a dress that would be amazing on the right woman, put it on someone who doesnít carry herself correctly, and watch it become something horribly tasteless.

7. I donít pay attention to breasts anymore. We spend too much time focused on them. Iím over it. Skin and eyes are so much sexier. There isnít an energy, an attitude, anything, that canít be communicated with the eyes. What can breasts tell you?

8. Intelligence makes a man sexy. So does the way a man talks to a woman. A man has to act like a man at all times. Just as I never understood why women sometimes try to dress like men, I donít think itís a good idea for us to explore our feminine side.