1. The key to looking good on an important day is to make small adjustments. Wear something you donít normally wear—a new belt or socks, even a ring. Or get a facial—not just for the aesthetic value, though that helps, but because itís a fast world; a facial massage slows it down. And feeling calm gives you confidence, which, of course, is the real secret to attraction.

2. Women are at their most beautiful in their forties. Itís like they finally grow up, become interested in things that matter, and become truly sensual beings. I like about one out of every 100 starlets I see. Take Demi Moore. I hated her when she was young—she was cheesy to me. I love her now. Sheís 43 and sheís much more interesting.

3. I no longer believe there is a fabric thatís wrong for making a suit. You could use material designed for tents and make a spectacular suit out of it. Men shouldnít limit themselves. Except maybe with furry fabrics. Yes, maybe not a mohair suit.

4. Men are going to start wearing makeup—I feel it. Five years ago I had to wear womenís moisturizer; now every man I know moisturizes. Itís the next natural step.

5. A pair of jeans can be the sexiest thing you own, if they fit and feel correct. Youíve got to like the way your butt looks in them, you know? Some denim is so thick and scratchy that when you wear it you feel like youíre walking around in a cardboard box. Thatís not sexy.

6. Itís good to be naked around color. For years, I used only white sheets on my bed. Now I love dramatic shades—deep topaz, golds, that kind of thing. The sleep is just better in that environment, I think.

7. I like a minimalist apartment, but too much nothingness and you start to worry about the person who lives there. I also think you have to be among things that are alive—a plant, at least.

8. Attraction is in the details. If you love me, itís probably not going to be because of my face. It will be my awkward laugh, or the way I grab a bottle or read a book. In the end, people have very little control over what makes them attractive to other people.

9. A man should pay attention to his hair. I think itís important to have a haircut that expresses who you are, but I think itís a bad idea to view hair as a sculpture. Unless youíre a rock star, but maybe not even then.