1. Smooth is a thing you can learn from Sinatra. He looked everybody in the eye. The way he moved—Sinatra was always making statements, but he was never being loud. He didnít have to yell.

2. Youíve got to get your smell right. Walk into an elevator with a beautiful woman in it. If youíve got your scent going in the right direction, sheís gonna be thinking about you when you leave. Thatís the way to seal a woman.

3. The lighting design in a home is the icing on a cake. Iím not talking about anything expensive; Iím talking about dimmers. Youíve got to be able to control the mood.

4. I donít have a lot of body hair. If I did, Iíd get rid of it. For a woman, a wax is absolutely necessary. It makes everything smoother and more attainable. It makes room for all the advances I make when Iím going to please a woman. Some guys look better in jeans than a suit. Youíve got to let your handsome work for you. Youíve got to accentuate.

5. Accomplishment is attractive. There are men who wouldnít make the cover of some ďSexiest Man AliveĒ issue of a magazine, but they get real appealing when they open their mouths. Iíd rather be blessed with that than with looks. Itís better to look like youíre wearing something that fits than like youíre wearing a trend.

6. Women are going to tell you they love a man whoís huggable—that they like something they can hold on to—but at the end of the day, nothing compares to a toned body. Thereís nothing wrong with letting it all hang out, but when you care, it shows.

7. Iím not just saying this because Iím a black man—I love all my brothers and sisters of other colors—but we are the most flavorful race.

8. I have a ďman bag.Ē Iím not gonna lie. Just make sure that if you carry one, itís very, very big, so it doesnít get mistaken for a pocketbook.

9. Donít mess with the cut of your suit too much. Some things are going to look good on you, and some arenít. Leave that up to your tailor.