1. Men look best in something worn. They shouldnít look like they just went out and bought a new outfit. I also appreciate when men wear their favorite clothing even when itís not so fashionable. Itís not good to look as though you spent a lot of time in front of the mirror.

2. I donít like a man in a Ferrari—itís simply not appealing to me. Men should drive nothing too fashionable or sporty. They should just drive a normal car. Like an Audi.

3. Men should never get highlights. This is the worst. Teeth-whitening is okay if the man is not too tan. But the two together is bad. And highlights, tan, and teeth-whitening all together? Oh my God.

4. The first thing I look for in a manís house is books. It doesnít matter what the books are about, really—itís just important that he have some.

5. I always look at a manís shoes. They should have a nice point—elongated but not too sharp. Boots are good too. Military boots, riding boots, cowboy boots. I find them very masculine—but when theyíre used, not new. I donít like new shoes. When I see a man in a shiny shoe, I canít stand it.

6. If a man opens the cupboard to show you his collection of rare and beautiful linens—no, thatís too much! But if thereís a fresh bed with well-chosen sheets, thatís nice.

7. Is a man in a suit sexy? That depends. You could be wearing the most beautiful suit, but if youíre stupid, youíre not sexy. If youíre an interesting person and you have on awful clothes, well, youíre interesting anyway.