Details: A lot of men wear their hair with a lot of product so it sticks up.
DV: This is awful. I donít agree with that. Stop doing that. Good haircuts are very important. I like always clean skin. I donít know why men think they look good with a beard.

Details: Do you think a man needs to be really slim to be sexy?
DV: It makes you look good to be not too heavy, but perfection is not sexy.

Details: How do you feel about whether men should wear jewelry?
DV: I think it looks good on rappers.

Details: What about flip-flops? A lot of men in the summer wear open-toed shoes or flip-flops.
DV: I like that. If they take care of their feet, of course. Only if they have a pedicure.

Details: Do you think itís okay for a man to have a pedicure?
DV: Yeah, absolutely. Itís great for them.

Details: I think a lot of guys feel like thereís some kind of stigma to going out and getting a pedicure.
DV: American guys, maybe.

Details: Should men wax?
DV: No.

Details: Youíre a momóyour son Daniel is a young man now. Has he started dating yet?
DV: Yes. Heís so charmingóall the girls are after him. Because heís so well-behaved, all the girls want to be in a relationship. But heís not ready. Heís talking to me about this: ďI donít want to have a fiancťe, Iím only 15. I just want them around me.Ē

Details: He should play around for the next 15 years. Let me ask you about some changes that have happened at Versace. Youíve really taken the house in a different direction. Were you trying to appeal to more men?
DV: I tried to represent them in a way that I like, from the point of view of a woman. Iím a sucker for the new man. I love the heritage, the glamour, of Versace men, but times are changing, and you have to update your style. Nothingís the same in the world as eight years ago, five years ago.

Details: I recently came across an interview I did with Gianni a long time ago, and it brought back fond memories, because we had talked about being gentlemen. Do you ever look back for inspiration at collections you did with Gianni?
DV: Yes, I do. Just for memories. Iím so luckyóthose kinds of clothes were unbelievable.

Details: Do you ever think to yourself, ďYou know whatóIím getting tired of doing thisĒ?
DV: Not at all. Especially not now.

Details: How much input did you have? Did you and Gianni ever disagree?
DV: Oh, yeah. He wanted me to disagreeóthatís what I was there for. I was the only person to say no to Gianni.

Details: When youíre on vacation or traveling, can you go out, or do you always have to be somewhat protected? You have such a distinctive look.
DV: Iím very recognizable, and sometimes you donít want everybody around you. But Iím not acting like a victim, because Iím also the face of everything Versace.