14. I canít stand tailored cuffs on pants, but thatís who I am. I donít even know where that came fromóthe 19th century?

15. No one wants to date a style icon. You have to dump it up a little bit. Dumpiness is good.

16. The whole tracksuit thing needs to be rethought. I am sick to death of them. Everybody wore tracksuits because they cover everything up, and they think they donít look fat, and itís an easy thing. But what if everybody did that with booty shorts? Actually, I do believe in booty shorts.

17. Tanning is not in my vocabulary. A little bit of an accidental tan because you were out boating or something is okay. But a deep tan makes you look like youíre trying to look like George Hamilton.

18. Greta Garbo is the most beautiful actress ever? And Audrey Hepburn is the ultimate style icon for women. For men, itís Cary Grant.

19. Balding is a big, big discussion lately. Every single menís magazine had a boldface article on the cover about cars, cigars, and balding. Iím a little tired of the head-shaving to cover it up. You notice the balding less when the guy is just going with it.

20. I donít mind men having little dogs. If youíre gay, I like that you have a little dog.

21. My mother used to tell me this story. She saw Abbe Lane shopping in Loehmannís once. And Xavier Cugat was sitting there watching her be fitted for clothes. He was wearing this perfect double-breasted suit, and in the breast pocket, instead of a pouchette, he had a Chihuahua. Now thatís stylish.

22. At a certain age, you start dressing like a gentlemanólike the gentleman that you are, not the gentleman someone else is. And you should know what that means.