At some point, those cool haircuts, sneakers, and skinny jeans are not age-appropriate. Besides, you donít want to look at a picture of yourself 10 years from now where youíre emaciated because that was the trend.

There are better ways of looking good than focusing on one wrinkle. And the sum total of plastic surgery can be so frightening when every part is done. Youíre like a patchwork, and thatís far worse than just looking old.

If you can, splurge on a beautifully tailored cashmere coat. Put it on over jeans and a T-shirt and youíre done. But in the winter you can also leave the coat at home and just wear a beautiful scarf with your suit.

There are fragrances you just remember and marry to people. Iíve always loved that. A signature scent is a beautiful and unique way to leave a lasting impression.

Gifts given for no reason are always appreciated. If you have a list of 50 people to buy for during the holidays, itís not pleasurable for you or them.

You have to be honest with yourself about this: Either youíre a hat person or youíre not. I buy hats because I love them, but I canít wear them, so I donít.

Some things you just need to have—like a good passport holder. Mine is from Smythson of Bond Street. And functional always beats fancy when it comes to luggage. I have had beautiful bags made for me that would come off the conveyor belt missing a strap. Nowadays, Tumi is best for my needs.

Thereís a wonderful thing that happens to a white collared shirt when itís steam-cleaned and pressed. Somehow it becomes better than when you bought it.

Natural is the only way to go in bed. Heavy cotton sateen sheets, linen and cashmere blankets and down comforters—all in white.

Thereís no delicate way to tell a woman that you donít like what sheís wearing. Youíre fucked.