You have to be taller than five feet eight to wear a double-breasted jacket. If youíre not, you can look very square. You get into sea-captain territory. If youíre not tall, you should go for a shorter, one-button jacket.

You should always carry a handkerchief. Itís a courteous thing to have. If Iím out at night, I keep a handkerchief on hand for a lady.

Loro Pianaís linen shirts are a great thing to have. Theyíre soft and comfortable. And they have a wonderful crispness to them if you keep them ironed.

Scents that are soapy or sweet donít work on men. Orange blossom is the sweetest fragrance a man should wear—and itís really refreshing.

Beautiful pajamas are essential. The best are Sea Island—cotton plaid ones from Turnbull & Asser.

I like long hair on men with straight hair, but Iím not ready for ponytails again. And a messed-up Beatles bob is cute but should probably not be worn by anyone over the age of 35.

Shoes are such an important element of style. I mostly wear an Yves Saint Laurent Johnny boot. I almost never wear sneakers. I have a pet peeve about sneakers with evening dress. There was a moment when all the men in the fashion industry started wearing them out at night. It drove me nuts.

Iím not crazy about backpacks with suits. My boyfriend used to carry one every day, so I bought him an Hermès briefcase to use instead.

Sean Combs can wear absolutely anything and so can André Leon Talley. They take risks and they enjoy it. Their enjoyment is why theyíre able to wear what they do. Thereís no discomfort.

I love turtlenecks, but knit turtlenecks, not jersey. Never jersey.