Try to avoid being a fashion victim. Every time Iíve bought something that is ďof the momentĒ—something that I saw on the Internet—Iíve never worn it. I hate to see people try to dress like runway models when they donít have the face or the attitude.

Little bags are ridiculous. Iíd prefer to see the pocket of a jacket full of stuff than to see a man carrying a little bag.

Some colors—navy, brown, black—make you feel more secure. I have a beautiful white suit for summer, but every time I wear it Iím unhappy after a half an hour. I donít feel at peace. Maybe if the same suit was beige or navy blue, I would feel great.

I have to admit that I like the way Americans dress. Itís sporty and relaxed. They are not too uptight like the Europeans.

You should buy art with emotion. I never look at what will go up in price. I can be sitting alone in a room with a painting that I like, and I am happy. I donít have to show off.

Cashmere is best when itís not too light. It has to be either two- or three-ply; if not, the garment tends to lose its shape immediately.

Watches should be simple—never with diamonds or bling. Cartier does watches for me with special colored alligator bands. They are doing one for me right now in dark purple. In the winter, instead of brown or black, I like dark green. Itís very elegant.

I hate to see a woman who looks 16 from behind and 60 when she turns around. With men, there isnít such a huge difference. But older men probably shouldnít wear tight T-shirts. No man should wear Speedos unless he has a really great body to show off.

The men on the red carpet look too much like theyíre dressed by stylists. They lose a bit of personality. Out of all of them, I think Brad Pitt dresses best.

I love to be tan. I love whatever can help you with it—solariums, bronzers, sprays. Anything—except makeup.