Itís a sign of insecurity if youíre overdressed.

Men should absolutely follow a code of etiquette with women—door-holding and everything.

I like high-quality, classic shoes like loafers or wing tips with a twist. Whatís not good is anything trendy—pointy-toed, square-toed, toes that turn up, intentional scuffing, and anything that looks plastic.

Now that weíve gone through this creative black-tie moment, I think we should go back to the proper tuxedo. A straight black tie is fine, though. I wear one because I have trouble tying the bow tie. It takes too long to get it exactly right.

The weekend is about comfort. I think a certain amount of wrinkling is okay, like a rumpled shirt. But during the week, I donít think so. I donít know why. Itís just an old-fashioned thing.

Before leaving the house, take a look in the mirror. Make sure thereís no food in your teeth and your zipper is up. A lot of people donít take the time to do that.

I was brought up wearing preppy clothes and I always went back to them. Preppy is the easiest way to dress. When in doubt, wear a button-down shirt, a V-neck sweater, a blazer, and a pair of jeans—itís foolproof.

Facial hair doesnít work if a man takes himself too seriously. But on somebody lighthearted, who could take it or leave it, itís cool—like Leo DiCaprio. Iíve personally never done the facial-hair thing. I donít have a heavy beard and I didnít actually have whiskers until I was 18.

I prefer East Coast style, but when youíre in L.A., you almost want to wear khaki cargo pants and a T-shirt just because itís so accepted there. Nobody shaves; nobody combs their hair; nobody wears socks.

Honestly, I think if men get older and a little gray but really take care of themselves, they can still look good. They donít need to have anything done. Some women need a little cutting, though.