Every man—no matter his age, size, or style—looks sexy in a peacoat. I am peacoat-obsessed.

I have an issue with men carrying bags that look too slick. Messenger bags are the modern version of the briefcase. I had a collection of clutches as a teenager.

Cheesy music makes a party. Donna Summer or Madonna—that stuff gets people on the dance floor. Then you have to have junk food, done well, because thatís what everyone really wants.

You should have a wardrobe of jeans in different washes and fits—from the pair thatís so comfortable you could work out in them to the pair that you can wear with a tie and a sports jacket to dinner.

A perfect vacation has to have different moods. Capri does that for me. You can lie on a rock all day. Then you can go buy a pair of $400,000 earrings. Then you go out for an amazing dinner. Angkor Wat is the same: history, nature, luxury.

Women love men in color. Olive green and orange are the chicest colors in the world. Lavender and purple look great with gray and black. I hate Brady Bunch colors like teal and cranberry.

If you want to pile on fashion, you have to be lean. Iím not skinny, so I canít wear fashion with a capital F. Youíve got to be honest about your body. Anyway, unless theyíre groupies, girls like guys who look like they have more substance than style.

Right now, the most fashion-forward suit is double-breasted. But this is not a suit for a man whoís heavy or short. Most guys look best in a two-button suit with a bit of definition in the waist.

Hair loss is a dilemma for a lot of men. But guys look better with a little hair. If youíre losing yours, keep it short, but donít shave it all off. You have to have a beautifully shaped head to go shaved.

Fad diets work for a minute. If youíve got a big event coming up, give one a try. Iíve done them all—Atkins, South Beach. I never tried the Master Cleanse. Beyoncé did it. If I were going to be in Dreamgirls, Iíd drink cayenne pepper and maple syrup for two weeks too.