A man can wear elements from the runway—fur, moccasins, shorts—if he does it with confidence. If he is a funny person, he can wear fur. Why not? But a man who forces himself to try that is making a mistake.

The sixties and seventies produced such strong style icons that itís difficult for me to think of someone similar today. When I design my menís collection, I have in mind Peter Sellers, Alain Delon, and Marlon Brando—in his younger days, of course.

I donít see anything strange about a man going to a spa for a treatment. Personal hygiene is important. I like people to be clean.

I am very precise when it comes to setting the table. Mine is fully laid with flowers, double forks, water and wine glasses, cloth napkins, and lit candles.

I really love long hair—probably because my husband is totally bald. Beards are very sexy, too.

I am crazy about Modigliani, the way he stylized the body and stretched out silhouettes. My dream is to own a little Modigliani nude. In my current collection, I have art that ranges from 19th-century Italian decorative objects to Andy Warhol to contemporary artists like Mario Schifano.

Jewelry on a man should be masculine and show strong character. Iím a big fan of bracelets for men.

A nice suit is important, but a well-done jacket is the most essential part of a manís wardrobe. A good fit in the shoulder is, to me, crucial.

I think a bowling bag is quite a good look for men. It has a soft structure, but everything inside can still be organized.

The first impression that you have of a man is his face, but there are a lot of factors that define an attractive person. I think that personality, education, and attitude are most important in the end. You can get bored by a pretty face.