Gay men and straight men dress nearly the same now. Young people pick up styles of clothing without saying ďThis is too gayĒ or ďThis is too straight.Ē

I have as much respect for somebody who knows how to cook perfectly on a barbecue as I do for a three-star chef. I donít have respect for people who say ďIím not interested in food and wine,Ē because those are some of the joys of life.

Everybody dresses the way they want to dress. David Beckham—heís trying very hard. Iím not so fond of his look, but I think a lot of people consider it extremely stylish. So who am I to say itís unstylish? Iím not a dictator.

Kids should be dressed as kids, not as little grown-ups.

Listen to what other people are saying about the way you dress, because in the end, fashion is a way of communicating. When you get your message wrong, itís good that the people around you let you know.

Smell is important. I love perfume, but the moment that you can smell it from far away, I donít like it anymore. It has to be discreet.

I donít like it when men purposely dress incorrectly at a formal event. When itís black tie, I dress black tie. But I give it my own personal twist.

I like to wander around a city and pop into stores when Iím traveling. I try not to go back to the places Iíve found. I prefer to keep the memory of the magical moment I first walked in.

I wear my hair short. I always go to the same hairdresser, who cuts it in 10 minutes. I love that. Iíve been going to him for 25 or 30 years now.

You shouldnít have a completely vintage look. Fashion has to move forward. We canít live in the past.