If youíre overdressed, you feel ridiculous. If youíre underdressed, you are ridiculous.

The key to being a good host is having an honest interest in the people you invited. You can make an effort without turning the event into a performance and your guests into the audience.

The right suit should be comfortable but tailored. It shouldnít restrict your movements, but it should enhance your figure and give you the silhouette you wish for when youíre undressed.

Thereís no such thing as a bad style phase, because when you adopt a certain look, you truly believe itís stylish. In hindsight, the eighties had some awkward moments, but then again, there were some real statements made.

Once we were staying at the Ritz in London, and we wanted to have lunch there. We were wearing jeans and no ties. We were refused entrance. So we left the restaurant angry and changed hotels.

Men arenít necessarily dressing up more, but theyíre definitely more aware of their grooming. And the first thing that comes to mind in terms of a no-no is a shaped hairline. Or highlights.

We donít recommend that you wear diamonds, but on some men they look good. Sometimes when you have two on it can work. Itís a tricky thing.

Some people dress just like their boss. If the boss is a no-tie, blazer, jeans-wearing kind of guy, youíll see all the people below him dressing just like him. In our case, thatís difficult. Weíre kind of schizophrenic. One of us will come in one day in a three-piece suit and then the next day in a baseball cap.

We carry our wallets, MP3 players, telephones, and organizers with us every day. We have coats with very large pockets. When we travel, we bring as little luggage as possible.

Women are much easier to recognize as style icons—everybody can name a few. For us, male style icons are closer to home: a very well-groomed grandfather or uncle, for instance. The beauty of male fashion is that it is very much quality-based and all about the details: a perfect pair of cuff links or tie bar, a carefully chosen scarf and gloves, a good umbrella.