Guys never get proportions right. Theyíre so used to enormous suits that when they try something semi-fitted they get freaked out. Youíre not meant to do cartwheels in a suit. When you think you have the right size, take one smaller.

To change your look, accessorize differently. If you usually wear a white shirt, then add a tie one day, take the tie away the next. Wear a gold watch; wear a different belt.

For tuxedos, your shoes have to be brand-new. You should be at your best when wearing a tuxedo—itís the most elegant you should ever be. If your footwear is looking a little less than perfect, itís not acceptable.

Take one piece and let it make a statement—it can be an accent of color, or your jacket, or your socks. The rest of your clothes and accessories should play second fiddle. If something talks, the rest walk.

We canít stand it when guys have girlsí eyebrows.

Too much cologne is sickening. Itís sexy when you can smell a man only when you get close to him but not when he walks into a room. Sexy is being a little bit reserved—not being too in-your-face.

We tend to overdress: Itís better to be overdressed than underdressed.

When shoes get worn in, you donít have to throw them away—just wear them with jeans. When we break in a pair of brogues, they become our jean brogues, theyíre not suit brogues anymore.

Guys donít have a lot of options when it comes to playing with their look. Thereís too much room for error with jewelry. Instead a guy should work ties (no Disney prints), cuff links, and watches. A man should have a yellow gold watch, a white sporty watch, and an evening watch.

During the winter, your coat is the most important item. Invest in an outer piece, because itís the thing youíll wear the most.