I donít believe in playing around much with suit cuts. I like a fairly classic shape that gives a man strong shoulders, a fitted waist, and long legs. Classic simplicity always works.

Someone who is secure enough to be very present when relating to another person is sexy. In other words, a good listener always lands who he wants.

When mixing patterns, donít think about it too much—just throw it together.

I hate the trend of short suit jackets. When a manís butt is showing below the bottom of his jacket, I think it makes him look like a female flight attendant from the back—not my idea of sexy.

With jewelry, I actually like bracelets more than anything else, but they have to be small and simple. Cary Grant always wore a simple gold bracelet with his watch, and I think that was very chic.

If youíre careful not to overuse Botox, then yes, why shouldnít you use it? A little bit of it between the brows can make you look less stern and more approachable. Who needs to frown, anyway?

Just like girls need to learn to be comfortable in heels before they go out in them for the first time, a man should try wearing a suit throughout a normal day. I do most things in a suitóand sometimes even in a tuxedo—and so Iím really comfortable in one.

When it comes to grooming, keep earwax out of the ears and keep stray hairs and flakes of skin in check and you should be good to go. In the morning, I put ice cubes on my eyes and use lots of Visine.

Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.

Thereís one indulgence every man should try in his lifetime: If youíre straight, sleep with a man at least once, and if youíre gay, donít go through life without sleeping with a woman. Either way, you might be surprised at how natural it will feel if you can get past the mind-fuck of stereotypes. In the end, itís just another person that you are relating to in a physical way.