Classic American style is dominating fashion these days. What started as a domestic revival has snowballed into a worldwide movement—well-dressed guys from Antwerp to Tokyo have suddenly traded in their skinny black suits for navy blazers, slim khakis, and, yes, polo shirts. It's a global shift to a subtle, timeless, red, white, and blue aesthetic. Here's why the USA really is No. 1.

Three Quintessentially American Fashion Archetypes

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The Best New Menswear Designers in America

Scott Sternberg, Simon Spurr, Michael Bastian, Robert Geller, and Patrik Ervell don't have the name recognition of Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein—yet—but they are all on their way to becoming the new leaders of American fashion.

Tastemakers: The J. Crew Team

Jenna Lyons, Frank Muytjens, and Andy Spade on the American classics they can't live without.

Junya Watanabe and Visvim: American Style in Japan

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