When Marc Jacobs decided to improve his diet and exercise regimen three years ago, he also amped up his approach to grooming. The designer began getting regular facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures and now uses no fewer than five skin-care products a day. To finish, he applies Bang, his first new men's fragrance in nearly a decade. "I was the anti­thesis of all of this," the 47-year-old says of his newfound narcissism. "I just had no interest at all. And then it was, like, anything that makes me feel good I wanted more of. Taking care of myself makes me feel good." Here are the highlights of his routine.

Hair. Jacobs shampoos and conditions it with Philip B products and slicks it back with a cream from René Furterer. He has more strands to style now, thanks to the hair transplant he underwent last May. Wincing at how much the procedure hurt, he says, "I couldn't sleep on my side, and I couldn't put my head back." (His tattoos induced nowhere near as much anguish—"I didn't cry over those," he says.) But his new coif made the agony worth it.

Face. Instead of "any bar of soap from the supermarket," Jacobs uses face wash (Joëlle Ciocco Lotion Lactee), toner (Joëlle Ciocco Skin Defensive), under-eye cream (Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum), serum (Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Face Fluid), and moisturizer (Joëlle Ciocco Creme Riche). He camouflages dark circles under his eyes with Yves Saint Laurent Teint Parfait Complexion Enhancer #7, occasionally darkens his eyebrows with a makeup pencil, and blots out shine with Shiseido Men Anti-Shine Refresher Gel.

Teeth. Once a year he gets his teeth whitened. He goes to his own dentist, rather than to a teeth-whitening spa, because "I feel like my teeth belong to him," Jacobs says. He also uses a Rembrandt toothpaste formulated for smokers and a non-alcohol-based mouthwash.

Body. Jacobs applies the moisturizer he uses on his face—Joëlle Ciocco Creme Riche—all over his body. He thins his chest hair using a Philips Norelco beard trimmer with the adjusting blade removed. "When I started to take an interest in grooming, trimming my body hair became part of that ritual," he says. Despite his highly specific regimen, he still heads to the supermarket for certain staples. "I go through phases where I buy only Speed Stick and Axe," he says. "And Noxzema shaving cream."

Fragrance. The designer came up with the name Bang while chatting with his personal trainer. He professes an addiction to the scent's powerful, sophisticated mix of pepper and white moss. "I always smell like smoke," he explains. "I happen to like the smell of fragrances on smokers." In the ad campaign for the cologne, Jacobs is naked except for the gold Rolex he wears every day and the Harry Winston diamond studs he bought himself five years ago as a birthday present. "We tried it with clothes on, but it didn't work," he says. "And I have no problem taking my clothes off." ($75, marcjacobs.com)

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