"I always bring a pair of board shorts (you never know when you'll have a chance to take a dip in a pool, ocean, or hot tub.)"
—Jeff Halmos, Shipley & Halmos

"I wear Converse John Varvatos slip-on sneakers when I fly because they're easy to put on and take off. And I never wear a belt."
—Neil Patrick Harris

"I always pack a navy blazer. It's that one thing I know I can always use if something comes up and I'm in a jam."
—Billy Reid, Designer

"After a red-eye, I dab Bengay under my eyes. It really works!"
—Humberto Leon, Opening Ceremony

"My trick for looking refreshed when I land is to splash water on my face and put on a pair of classic Ray-Ban sunglasses."
—Pharrell Williams, Musician-Producer

"I take Melatrol, a natural sleep aid. I call the pills magic drops because they put me right to sleep."
—Dan Caten, DSquared

"I always have these with me when flying: Purell, Ativan, Listerine breath spray, Zicam, and cookie-dough-flavored Balance Bars."
—Scott Sternberg, Band of Outsiders

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