Work Off the Jet Lag
"A banker friend told me that exercising immediately was the only way to cure jet lag. I suffer from it now more than I used to and find he's right. When I get to New York, I run in the park or go to the gym right away."

Buy Suitcases You Can Beat Up
"My bags are by Rimowa. They're made of a plastic composite and are really durable, with four wheels. I always carry them on the plane when I travel within Europe—I'm never gone more than 48 hours."

Always Have a Dopp Kit Ready
"I have a leather case from Ralph Lauren RRL that I keep packed. Otherwise I end up forgetting products. I use a bar soap called Allenburys, which is made in Canada. My mom still sends it to me. And a friend gave me Marvis toothpaste, which I'm addicted to. These things help when you're staying at hotels. They have a bit to do with home."

Look Sharp While Traveling
"I walk around and ask until I find a place to press my shirts. Hotels never do it quite well enough. And I do shoeshines at home. It's my ritual before traveling. "

Tip Generously but Judiciously
"When I bring my family on a trip, I tip the concierge to make sure that he'll take care of them when I have to work. Other than that, I tip for good service, as opposed to tipping everyone."

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