1. BAG
Leave the rolling suitcases to the women and children. What you need is a solid, manageable carry-on with a secure but accessible closure.
Bag ($1,970) by Louis Vuitton.

Cabin temperatures can be frigid, but a thick cashmere sweater will fight the chill and double as a pillow.
Sweater ($1,590) by Tom Ford.

Sometimes you just want to jot an idea down on paper, so come prepared.
Sketchbook ($28) by Düller.

4 & 5.TECH
Claim your personal space with noise-canceling headphones. Document your trip with a digital camera.
Headphones ($200) by AIAIAI. Camera ($150) by Pentax.

Shades don't just offer protection, they also conceal tired eyes.
Sunglasses ($420) by Oliver Peoples.

Whether you're heading somewhere cold or you're simply too close to an overactive air vent, cashmere will warm you up fast.
Scarf ($485) by Brunello Cucinelli.

An eye mask and a blanket cut from alpaca will make you feel like you're in first class even when you're in economy.
Travel set ($268) by Alicia Adams Alpaca.

9 & 10. STORAGE
Pouches, passport holders, and iPad cases provide safe spaces for easy-to-lose, hard-to-find items.
Pouch ($25) by ACL & Co. Passport holder ($390) by Goyard. iPad case ($450) by Burberry. iPod Nano ($179). iPad ($829).

Pack a change of clothes in case the airline loses your checked luggage.
Jeans ($70) by Gap. Shirt ($190) by Diesel Black Gold. Sweater ($80) by Express. Socks ($17) by J. Crew.

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