1. Use all available space
Build overhead shelves for items you don't use every day, like hats and scarves. Place additional containers below hanging clothes.

2. Protect your shoes
Custom sliding shelves let you display your footwear neatly while keeping the dust off. Or try modular shoeboxes with built-in windows so you can tell your wing tips from your cap toes.

3. Take the mess out of laundry
A built-in hamper is a practical and stylish way to manage dirty clothes.

4. Make room for folded stuff
Most men don't have enough space for sweaters and socks. Adjustable shelves allow your closet arrangement to evolve with your storage needs.

5. Go with a tiered system
Install two short rods, one above the other, to maximize space for suit jackets and folded trousers. Reserve another area for longer items like coats.

6. Diversify your storage
Invest in containers of various sizes, including cedar tie holders and woven sweater boxes. Felt trays will help corral smaller items and cut down on clutter.

7. Air out your clothes
When you've just worn a garment that doesn't need to be cleaned, hang it on a valet for a few hours before returning it to the closet to stop residual oils and odors from spreading.

8. Invest in a watch winder
If you wear an automatic (self-winding) timepiece, this accessory will keep it running when it's not on your wrist.

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