Wear Jeans With Different Washes
Girolami: "I'm always in jeans. My favorites are A.P.C.'s Petit Standard. I usually rotate through a few pairs. One pair I'll wear all the time and then wash so it's softer, and then I'll have another pair I keep raw. Then I just alternate so I have a pair of jeans that goes with whatever I feel like wearing."

Go to Japan for the Best American Fashion
Poopat: "We were in Tokyo last year, and if you walk in Shibuya, they've taken this American-heritage idea to the nth degree. I was in search of this American bomber for the longest time, but the only company still making it was this Japanese brand called the Real McCoy's. They got the fit, fabric, and stitching down to the last detail."

Choose a Watch With a Backstory
Girolami: "I have a really old Zenith automatic that belonged to my father. He bought it when I was born, and it's this really simple watch—off-white, small, and slim, with hash marks instead of digits. And of course it was my dad's, so I love it."

Get Inspired by Manchester's Musical Moment
Poopat: "I find myself constantly going back to albums from Factory Records from the late seventies and early eighties. One of my favorites is the Wake's Harmony, because it has this badass sound that just epitomizes the era."


4 Steps to Better Sneaker Style

Keep Them Subtle
Poopat: "Your personality should inform what you wear, rather than vice versa. It's why a good shoe works on both the skater kid and the 80-year-old grandfather."

And Don't Be Afraid to Rough Them Up
Girolami: "You know how some wines become vinegar, but good wines grow more special with age? It's the same with shoes."

Mind the Materials
Poopat: "If shoes are actual leather, rather than something synthetic, all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth—no detergent, soap, or cleanser."

Pay Attention to Detail
Girolami: "Moving the stitching or the width even a few millimeters can make a shoe feel completely different. If you know where to look, you'll see it immediately."

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