"Take it in at the Campanile di Giotto—from above, the city seems almost cradled by the Tuscan hills."

Outdoor Market
"The city is so alive with culture, especially at the antiques market in Piazza dei Ciompi, where you are always guaranteed to find a treasure in the morning."

"For fish, go to Fuor d'Acqua, Via Pisani 37/R. And if you want meat, you cannot go to Florence without trying the bistecca fiorentina at Garga, Via del Moro 48."

Design Store
"I love to collect things, and the interiors shop Flair, in Piazza Scarlatti 2, has rarities from the thirties, forties, and fifties."

"I like going to Gerard, on Via Vacchereccia, a small shop where not only are the clothes beautiful but so is the concept."

Romantic Spot
"The Ponte Vecchio. It's so breathtaking at sunset that you forget your sense of time."

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