"I love the simplicity of Bar Pitti. My favorites are the spinach, the spaghetti with lobster, and the branzino. I'll also hang out in front while waiting for a table, and that is a fashion show in itself."

Vintage Store
"Go to Madame Matovu, where the owner has a good sense of style."

"West 4th Street, because it has such nice, beautiful town houses, and being just steps away from the river is also great."

"I don't really drink anymore, but either the Darby or the Top of the Standard is my favorite. If you want to slum it, then Automatic Slim's or Hogs & Heifers."

Romantic Spot
"There are so many, but I enjoy sitting on the little benches on Commerce Street."

"A scoop from Cones! And Joe's Pizza after a night of drinking. Magnolia Bakery is overrated, but if you feel the need to go, get the banana pudding, not the cupcakes."

What's your most distinct memory about the West Village?
"Walking out of the nightclubs back in the day and experiencing the meat market. The smell, the blood, the meat hanging—now, that's a real experience!"


"In the eighties you could do anything: earrings, major haircuts, different clothing—it was just cool."

"Trois Pommes in Zurich. I have this image of it from childhood of my father shopping there, and it just seemed like the most luxurious place."

"I listen to El Concierto by Luis Miguel so much. He's one of my biggest obsessions. I'm crazy about everything Latin, too: Latin girls, Latin music, Latin America."

"I wear a very special cologne my girlfriend gave me as a birthday present. You can only find it in Paris in one store, and it's called the Perfume of Turk. It smells so good. I put it on every time I leave my apartment."

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